This agricutlural machine is designed for cultivation of meadows and pastures. Meadow roller eliminates inequalities of ground (eg. molehills), removes earth
cracks in the structure of the soil and increases oozing by pressing the turf to native soil.

Maximum pressure (for the roller with a diameter of 1220mm), is approximately 850kg (without water load) to the approximately 2020kg (loaded with water) for each meter of working width of the machine.
Each roller is equipped with hydraulic regulated carriage and thill regulated by central screw. That screw allows connect a machine to the transport hitch of the tractor without changing machines' position.


Standard equipment:
• Adjustable thill regulated by a central screw;
• Rotating hook (up to 1200 kg);
• Shaft wheels produced by ADR;
• Parking support;
• Internal bulkheads increasing the stability
of the roller (3 pcs.);
• Cylinder made of Ø 1220x10 pipe;

Additional equipment:
• Lighting;
• Other tires (eg. Flotation STARCO, ALLIANCE);
• Other cylinder diameter (pipe)








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