from 1m to 3m


We present shovel-crocodiles for loaders.

Machines are very durable and made of good quality materials. We use HB500 hard wearing steel blades.

Our crocodiles are equipped with forged spikes made by WARYŃSKI which are the most durable forks on the polish market, or plasma burned spikes. 

We use only polish reliable hydraulic cylinders.

All moving elements have grease nipples which enable tomaintain machines in good condition..

Shovel-crocodiles have removable side plates so they can also be used to transport other materials.


width 1,2m
1,4m 1,6m 1,8m 2,0m 2,2m 2,5m
capacity/weight (forged spikes)
0,65m3/260kg 0,75m3/270kg 0,9m3/280kg 1m3/290kg 1,1m3/300kg 1,2m3/310kg 1,35m3/325kg
capacity/weight  (plasma burned spikes)
0,55m3/290kg 0,65m3/330kg 0,75m3/370kg 0,85m3/410kg 0,95m3/440kg  1,05m3/480kg  1,15m3/520kg 


The set includes hydraulic hoses and connectors. Additional galvanized coating as an option.


forged spikes





  • Width: from 1m to 2,5m
  • Height: 80cm
  • Forged spikes 680mm (the number of spikes depends on the width of a crocodile)
  • Two hydraulic actuators
  • grease nipples
  • double-braided wires 330bar





burned spikes




  • Width: from 1m to 3m
  • Height: 90cm (capacitive version 115cm)
  • Depth: 80cm (capacitive version 110cm)
  • Plasma burned spikes
  • Two hydraulic actuators
  • Double-braided wires 330bar




Selected mounting: Euroframe, SMS, JCB, CAT, Manitou etc.





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